One of the most useful tools in carpentry is a circular saw. It’s also one of the most dangerous because they are totally freehand. A circular saw is really powerful, and the fact that they are small makes them even more dangerous.

I rank a circular saw so high because it’s the only saw that can act as a stand-in for both the miter saw and the hybride table saw. Like the miter saw, it can handle crosscuts beautifully, especially if you use a guide.

And like the table saw, it rips lumber quickly and accurately, which is something that every other saw struggle with.

But in a lot of ways, it’s even more efficient than these big tools. Here are the uses of a circular saw in the daily life of a carpenter. 

The Uses Of A Circular Saw

Miter saws and table saws need some kind of bench or ground support, but a circular saw travels in your hand. It’s like the size of a large toaster. And unlike a miter saw, it’s not limited in the length of a crosscut it can make.

  • Efficiency

It will cut as far as you can push it, and that is why it is preferred by Jobsite carpenters. Plus, it packs a crazy amount of punch for something so small.

  • Power

Many circular saws have 15-amp motors on a seven and a quarter-inch blade. That’s as much power as many 12-inch miter saws but with more RPMs.

  • Versatility

Circular saws have the strength to cut through everything from pine to walnut. And with blade changes, they can even cut Hardie board and other cement-based products.

  • Better Than Jigsaws

Now, people always ask, can I get away with a jigsaw instead? You know what? That’s really comparing apples and oranges. Jigsaws have half the power. The cut depth is way more limited, and they’re not good at cutting long straight lines, which is something you need to do often in carpentry.

  • Swiveling Sole Plates

Circular saws have swiveling sole plates, so you can set them up to cut bevels, chamfers, miters, etc.

Final Words

I’ve had a circular saw attached to my hand for years now. And if I had to make a choice, I would immediately abandon all the other saws and just take this one to the job site. When it comes to saws, a circular saw is a standard tool.

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