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Best Table Saw Miter Gauge Reviews in 2021

We all know that the miter gauges that come with a table saw aren’t worth using because they lack the quality that a professional woodworker needs. So, how do you upgrade your table saw? Well, with the best table saw miter gauge, of course.

If your table saw is in dire need of a good quality miter gauge, you are in luck because we have handpicked some of the best miter gauges on the market that will help you cut accurately.

The miter gauges are renowned for their accuracy, reliable and easy adjustability. It doesn’t matter which table saw you are using; if you want to make accurate flip stops, high-resolution reading, repeatable and precise cuts, third-party miter gauges are infinitely better.

One thing you will notice that most of the miter gauges here are from INCRA because it’s their specialty to make miter gauges that are absolutely amazing.

If you don’t want to go through all the reviews, go with the INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge. With a gauge like these, you will never have to worry about buying a new one for your table saw.

Top 7 Best Table Saw Miter Gauge

That being said, if you prefer to use something other than this one for some not-so-obvious reasons, have a look at some top-of-the-line miter gauges for table saws.

INCRA miter gauges are simply the best. Ask any woodworker, and they will swear by it. Even if you buy something else, you will sell it anyway and get this one eventually down the line. You can cut half laps, tenons more efficiently. The INCRA Miter1000 can drastically improve your table saws capabilities. 

With a miter gauge like the INCRA Miter 1000, you can do beveled cuts and more angles without eating into your crosscut sled and also cut a perfect miter every time. Making precise cuts is pretty straightforward and repeatable with this INCRA miter gauge. It’s also easy to set up and adjust.

Once you set this one up properly, you will be able to witness drastic improvement over your saw’s stock gauge. It features an exclusive angle lock indexing system that houses 180 indexable pins along with the steel protractor head. In addition to that, there are positive stops in 1-degree increments.

As the name implies, it’s the Miter 1000 HD. The HD stands for high definition. The nice thing about this model is that it comes with a Vernier cursor that allows you to adjust the gauge in 1/10th of a degree increment. You will also get a telescopic aluminum fence with this miter gauge which is a full 18-inches long. 

What We Liked (Pros)

  • A high-resolution steel protractor
  • A whopping 180 indexable stops
  • The best miter gauge in the miter 1000 series
  • It has a smooth and adjustable miter bar

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • It’s not a budget one

Our verdict

If you are looking for a table saw miter gauge which is precise, efficient yet easy to setup and adjust, then this INCRA Miter100/HD is a no-brainer to buy!

Courtesy : INCRA TOOLS

The KREG KMS7102 comes factory calibrated out of the box that guarantees precision and accuracy. The CNC machined gauge head is perfectly square to the table and the bar. Thanks to this, you won’t have to stamp the gauge head. If you want amazing accuracy right out of the box, go with this miter gauge system.

Cutting accurate miters is quick and easy with KREG KMS7102, thanks to the positive stops at all the common angles. It also comes with a vernier scale that allows you to cut wood pieces at a more complicated angle. The scale is very easy to use and adjust and allows you to find the right cutting angle for all your woodworking projects.

Adjusting the scale to 1/10th of a degree is fast and easy using the vernier scale. In addition to that, this tool also comes with a fence and stop system that is made from anodized aluminum. It is long and lets you easily make repeatable cuts with high precision and accuracy. It’s the only miter gauge you will ever need to upgrade your table saw.

I really like the miter bar on this gauge. It is extremely straight and does not have any play at all. The bar is also made from anodized aluminum, which is 3/4-inch wide and 3/8-inch thick. In case you get any play, this bar features five adjusters that can be adjusted with a simple turn of a screwdriver.

What We Liked (Pros)

  • This miter gauge doesn’t require any calibration
  • You can use this gauge for table saw right out of the box
  • Anodized aluminum fence and stop system
  • Easy to make repeatable, accurate cuts

What You May Not Like (Cons)

  • No apparent cons

Our verdict

If you are looking for the best selling table saw miter gauge which needs no calibration and can be used straight out of the box, and also delivers great precision and effective performance, then you must go for KREG KMS7102 Miter Gauge.

Courtesy : Unemployed Redneck Hillbilly Creations

03. Incra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter Gauge

Up next, we have the V27 miter gauge, which is also from Incra. For precise and incremental control, this gauge features twenty-seven angle stops. The Incra MITERV27 has a compact size with a no-nonsense design that makes it the ideal miter gauge for DIYers and professional woodworkers alike.

This is a high-performance miter gauge that has an affordable price tag. In terms of quality, it’s way better than any stock gauges that typically come with a table saw. With the Incra’s Miter V27, you can get perfectly accurate cuts, all thanks to the exclusive angle lock Indexing system and the glide lock.

The glide lock miter bar is adjustable and offers extreme miter cutting accuracy. The locking angle stops in 5-degree increments, and the gauge offers 41 angle stops. For optimal versatility, this unit also features special stops at 22-1/2 degrees (plus or minus). You can also make 60-degree range miter cuts.

It’s the most affordable and compact tool in Incra’s lineup of miter gauges. However, it has the quality and reliability of the bigger miter gauges. This means you aren’t actually sacrificing anything here except for the size. A lot of the time, the small ones do a better job. Try this one out. You won’t regret it.   


  • Special stops for versatility
  • Most affordable miter gauge in its class
  • Compact and no-nonsense design
  • Laser-cut V-stops for accuracy and precision


 The track adjustment discs need improvement

04. INCRA MiterV120 Miter Gauge

In terms of build quality and design, this one looks and feels more like the V27, except it has a better resolution. It features an incredible 120 angle stops along with its protractor head with special stops at 22.5 degrees of both sides zero. The angle stops are laser cut, and you will have a stop available for every whole degree.

Because of the resolution of 1-degree increments on this tool, this is the perfect replacement for the miter gauge that came with your saw. V120 is a great miter gauge that can be used on a table saw, and it is also perfect as a second miter gauge for you to use with your belt sander, router table or your bandsaw.

The V120 has the same glide lock miter bar the V27 has, but you get a much higher resolution on this. Instead of indexable stops at every five degrees, there is an indexable stop at every degree. This compact tool fits within the budget of every woodworker and gives you high-resolution, repeatable accuracy.

While other miter gauges have a tough time fitting into machines such as disc sanders and band saws, this one, on the other hand, fits with ease thanks to its relatively compact design. It’s a no-fuss package that is built tough. The all-steel construction of this gauge makes it very sturdy and a great long-term investment.


  • The steel protractor has 12- angle stops
  • Sturdy, compact, and no-fuss package
  • Special stops at 22.5-degree
  • All-steel construction for longevity


  • Sub-par stamped steel detents

05. POWERTEC 71005 Deluxe Table Saw Miter Gauge

This is a premium table saw miter gauge from POWERTEC that is constructed using a combination of solid steel miter bar and aluminum head. The premium build-quality of the POWERTEC 71005 ensures long-term usability and durability. One quick look at it, and you will realize it’s built for professional use.

It is designed to fit 3/4×3/8-inch miter slots as well as other standard slots with or w/o t-slotted slots. This includes popular brands of table saws and router table slots such as Bosch, Craftsman, Jet, Delta, DeWalt, and more. There is no doubt that is miter gauge has good compatibility. Moreover, this one is inexpensive.

Even though it’s a premium table saw miter gauge, this price is actually more on the affordable side. It’s the perfect replacement gauge for your table sawt that provides you with the accuracy and precision you need to make crosscuts at any angle. You can also do a lot more with this deluxe table saw miter gauge.

For any woodworking project, you will need a miter gauge that can deliver highly accurate and consistent crosscuts And that is the specialty of this deluxe table saw miter gauge by POWERTEC. In short, this is the perfect replacement gauge for most brands of table saws. You won’t go wrong with this one.    


  • It has indexable stops at all common angles
  • It can be set to hold in any position manually
  • Ideal upgrade for a lot of popular brands of table saws
  • Set of screws for eliminating wobbling and remove play


 Measure your slot first before ordering

06. DELTA Deluxe Miter Gauge

This is an OEM miter gauge from Delta, a popular brand that makes high-quality table saws. This one is about as heavy-duty as a Kreg miter gauge without the expensive price tag. It’s sturdy, high-quality, and very accurate, and the best part is that you can get it for far less money. In short, this is a good budget option.

It is as accurate as any angle finders and squares you can find on the market. This miter gauge is heavy and nice and has good positive stops built in. At this price, don’t expect it to be high-end. However, for the money, this one is about as good as miter gauges can get. This gauge is OEM quality and fits nicely on table saws.

If you have an old Delta contractor table saw, this is the best table saw miter gauge your find for your machine. It is also good enough for most table saws out there. However, since this is made exclusively for Delta table saws, you should only buy this if you have the same table saw as it is made for.

That being said, it should also be good enough for old Rockwell and craftsmen table saws. To ensure a perfect fit and remove any play, this miter gauge comes with set screws that you can adjust to fine-tune the fitting. If you want to make sure this gauge fits the guide slots perfectly, make sure to use it on Delta table saws only.


  • A good quality miter gauge with decent weight
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty enough for most woodcutting jobs
  • Fits nicely on Delta table saws
  • It fits well on old Rockwell and craftsman table saws


  • Made only for Delta table saws

07. Incra MITER1000SE Miter Gauge Special Edition

The Incra MITER1000SE is a special edition miter gauge that comes with a dual flip shop stop and a telescopic fence. For precision and accuracy, the primary scale is made from engraved stainless steel. For extreme accuracy, you will get 41 V-stops that are laser cut at all popular angles for easy adjustments. 

There are six expansion points on the miter bar for quick, repeatable cuts. The miter gauge allows you to handle a variety of stock widths because of the adjustable miter fence, which can be set from 18 to 31-inches. Along with that, you will also get the fence positioner as a bonus for optimal metering accuracy.

It also comes with a handy quick reference angle chart for whenever you are cutting complex angles or especially when you are cutting segmented turnings. You won’t have to look up anything. It’s all on the protractor head. All the indexable stops are laser cut that is very precise and provides you very good repeatability.

Also, I want to highlight the glide lock miter bit for a moment. Unlike the miter bar that are on a stock gauge, this one is a bit different where you can adjust the bar for a secure fit. The miter gives you a perfect fit no matter what brand of table saw you are using. You are also getting an adjustable fence mounting bracket.


  • You can custom fit this gauge to your table saw
  • It’s infinitely adjustable, versatile, and precise
  • Ideal miter gauge for making repeatable cuts
  • Solid, all-steel durable construction


 No apparent cons

Choosing The Best Miter Saw Gauge | A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will be going over the steps and things you will need to look for in order to buy the best miter gauges. You will also learn how these tools work, their benefits and how a miter gauge can improve your current woodworking activities. So, sit back, take a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading.

If you are DIYer or a professional woodworker, you already know the importance of owning and using a table saw. Apart from the fact that it’s the most practical tool for woodworking, these machines are also very powerful.

Woodworkers rely on a table saw to take care of all the wood cutting tasks. This is because a table saw is sturdy, powerful, and durable. However, if you want to enhance your experience of using a table saw, you can do that by adding some useful accessories.

Now, a table saw is not just about the table and the saw. There are other accessories that make it the most useful tool to have in your garage—for example, a miter gauge. When you buy a table saw, you will get one with the table.

However, those aren’t up to the mark. For your woodworking activities, you will need something better and more professional. A miter gauge allows you to work with your table saw in many ways. Now, I’m not talking about the ones that come with your table saw.

Throw them away even if it’s working. Once you get used to a more professional miter gauge for the table, you will be going through wood like a hot knife through butter.

Getting the right components for your table saw will improve your woodworking skill, and to do that, you will have to understand how those components work. That’s why we will start with the basics of a miter gauge.

What Is A Table Saw Miter Gauge?

This section is for those of you that don’t know what a table saw miter gauge is. To keep it as simple as possible, think of this gauge as a guide unit for your table saw. Why do you need a guide unit? Well, if you want to make angled cuts while reducing the margin of error, you will need to use a miter gauge.

With the help of this tool, you can greatly reduce the chances of making any mistakes while you cut your wood pieces at a particular angle. Also, if you make frequently make angled miter cuts, you can’t live without a good miter gauge.

The stock gauge of your table saw isn’t good enough to maintain the precision of your angled cuts. Also, these tools have a calibrated protractor built-in that maintains cut precision and accuracy.

Why Do You Need To Use A Miter Gauge For Your Table Saw?

First of all, this accessory allows you to achieve more versatile cuts with your table saw while increasing efficiency and saving precious time. A miter gauge is mostly used for making miter cuts. Don’t know what a miter cut is?

When you cut a smooth corner to a wood piece to make a fence or join it with other wood pieces, this angled cut is referred to as a miter cut. This corner or the angle of the wood piece is called a miter joint. You can find out more about miter cuts online.

  • Repeatable Angle Cuts

For this article, we will be focusing more on the miter gauge instead. The best feature of using a gauge is that it makes the whole process of making repeatable angled cuts very easy because you can easily adjust the cutting angle to something that fits your needs.

Once adjusted, the miter gauge will stay locked in the position and allows you to cut wood pieces worry-free. With a miter gauge, you can make compound cuts, square crosscuts, and many more.

All the table saws on the marker will come with a miter gauge because it’s an indispensable accessory. However, most of the stock ones won’t feel that good to use. This is because of the poor quality of those gauges.

  • Precision & Accuracy

As I’ve said before, precision and accuracy are the most important things in woodworking. There are plenty of other important things to consider, but everything starts with accuracy. You make a mistake somewhere along with the project, and chances are, you will have to redo it all over again.

A slight mistake is all it takes to lose a significant piece of lumber. This is why you need all the necessary tools to support you in your woodworking project.

This is where a miter gauge comes into play. If you want to make cuts with proper precision and accuracy, a miter gauge provides you a more secure platform to do so.

  • Safety Improvement

You might be wondering, what is the role of the miter gauge when it comes to safety improvements? Before I get to that, let’s talk about the features that you are getting for this type of accessory. Apart from allowing you to cut precisely, you are getting additional features such as expansion points, angle stops, and more.

However, most woodworkers tend to overlook the most important feature of them all, which is safety. Woodworking is a trade that is exciting, challenging, and physically dangerous if you don’t know how to handle your tools properly.

Large power tools such as table saws are dangerous to handle, and that’s why you will need to ensure a safe workspace. If you don’t know how to handle a table saw properly, you will end up hurting yourself.

  • Reducing Margin Of Errors

At the very least, you will encounter minor mistakes that are enough to ruin a good wood piece. However, when you install a good miter gauge to your table saw, you can prevent a lot of mishaps. The worst that can happen when you make a mistake during cutting is damaging your hands.

  • Prevents Kickbacks

There are a lot of miter gauges that come with a solid fence that holds the wood piece in place firmly to prevent accidents. This fence also prevents the wood piece from lifting off the table. Among all the features that a miter gauge offers, the best one is perhaps the one that you least expected.

I’m talking about reducing kickbacks. That’s right. A miter gauge can greatly reduce the chances of kickbacks since the wood piece is supported by the miter gauge’s solid fence.

Summary Of A Miter Gauge

By now, you already know that a miter gauge is an exciting accessory for a table saw because of the tool’s ability to increase cutting accuracy and precision. Apart from that, this tool will also save you time and increase efficiency.

You can greatly reduce the margin of error on each cut because a miter gauge can greatly improve the precision. This is the main reason why most woodworkers prefer to use a third-party miter gauge. Woodworking is all about accuracy and precision.

Considering all of that, it’s essential that you apply all the techniques and use the tools that you need that will provide an extended rate of precision on each woodcut.

Unlock a whole new world of cutting woods and improve your woodworking game with a good miter gauge. You can cut wood at many different angles with great precision and can also perform a crosscut that will be perpendicular to the grain of the material.

  • Going Past The Limitation

When it comes to cutting at an angle, table saws have a limitation. You can only cut wood pieces at a maximum angle of 45-degrees. Some table saws might offer a bit more, but this is about as far as it goes. Table saw blades can only go as far as 45.

This is where a miter gauge shines the most. A tool like this allows you to go beyond the 45-degree limitation and allows you to make a more versatile cut. With a bit of elbow grease and some planning, you can make cuts on your table saw that were only doable on a compound miter saw or a radial arm saw.

I know there are certain types of cuts that are better on these saws, but the addition of a good miter gauge can certainly reduce the need for those saw by a lot. You can make your table saw suitable for a lot of different types of cuts.

  • Versatility

There are plenty of fancy accessories for woodworkers. Some are gimmicky, while others are really useful. A miter gauge is both fancy and attractive but can be gimmicky if you don’t buy the right one.

I’ll talk about the price of these tools later on. For now, you need to understand that an aftermarket miter gauge for a table saw will be expensive.However, you are paying the extra money for the versatility.

While it’s an attractive woodworking accessory for a table, saw user, the quality of these accessories varies a lot. That’s why you will need to make sure that you choose the right one from the start.

  • Better Than The Stock Model

If you are a beginner and have decided to take up woodworking, you might be tempted to buy a table saw for beginners. You know, the ones that are mostly considered entry-level table saws. One thing you will notice right away is the poor quality of the miter gauge.

Also, you can’t just build a good miter gauge or a jig out of wood right away. This is where a good miter gauge comes into play. I know a lot of the gauges will cost almost half the price of a new entry-level table saw, but it’s an investment of a lifetime. This is something you won’t regret.

How Does A Miter Saw For Table Gauge Works?

A miter gauge for a table saw is just like a regular miter gauge. You insert this tool into a slot that is on the front edge of your table saw. This slot is where you slide the miter gauge into, and this is called a miter slot. The gauge has a flat edge, and this is where you place your wood piece.

After that, you will have to mark the angle and set up everything else to make your cut. The purpose of this gauge is that it will allow you to make angled cuts with more accuracy. For that, you will have to guide your wood piece with the gauge all the way through the cut.

To avoid any kickbacks, you will need to keep the wood piece in place, guided by the gauge fence while you are cutting. For positive stops or to set up the gauge easier, most modern units will come with a range of accessories.

  • Positive Stops

Don’t know what positive stops are? Positive stops are also known as adjustable stops or angle stops that allow you to set the angle of your cut. Positive stops allow you to adjust the gauge to 30, 40, or 90 degrees, as well as other commonly used woodworking angles.

Most miter gauges will feature similar positive stops, but they can vary from unit to unit. If you want more adjustable stops, you will have to get a high-quality miter gauge.

  • Miter Gauge Fence

A table saw miter bar, also known as a miter gauge fence, comes as an addon with a lot of miter gauges. Think of this addition as a small upgrade to the existing miter gauge. Some table saw gauges come with a long fence, while some have a short fence.

Having a solid fence makes it easier to cut with more accuracy. If the fence is adjustable, then you can cut different sizes of wood pieces with ease. When you are cutting, you can use the fence to keep a hold of the wood piece.

If you want to cut larger pieces, make sure to buy a gauge that comes with a long miter bar. Short miter bars aren’t very good at dealing with larger wood pieces. That being said, a long miter fence can greatly reduce the margin of error.

You will have more control over your cut, which will result in a more accurate final cut. When you are buying a table saw miter gauge, keep the length of the miter bar in mind if you want to make the most out of your table saw gauge.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Table Saw Miter Gauge 

There are a lot of miter gauges that come with additional features to make your wood cutting task more efficient. However, not all of the features are worth having. Some may or may not be useful to you. However, when you want to buy the best miter gauge, you will have to keep a couple of things in mind.

Since there are a lot of options available, choosing the right one can be tricky at first. That’s why I’ve included this short yet comprehensive buying guide so that you can easily find the right table saw gauge for you. Let’s dive right into it.

  • Build Quality

The first thing that you should look for in a miter gauge is the build quality. This will determine whether a miter gauge is worth buying or not. For example, a durable gauge will last longer and can easily withstand bumps and bruises that happen in a workshop during wood cutting.

When looking for a precision miter gauge, make sure it has a solid, all-steel construction. This will determine how well you can use the tool for your woodworking job. The rest of the features are there to increase your overall efficiency.

  • Quality Of Other Build Material

After you have checked for the build quality, it’s time to take a look at the smaller details, such as the quality of the screws, knobs, etc. You need to ensure those smaller elements are made using high-quality material.

It’s the smaller things that fail first. So, having a miter gauge that has high-quality parts will make sure you get the best performance out of your tool.

Get a gauge that uses metal knobs instead of plastic because plastic will wear out due to constant usage. On the other hand, a miter gauge that comes with metal knobs will ensure more durability and longer use.

When it comes to buying a table saw gauge, every detail counts. Since you are upgrading your table saw, you don’t want to compromise on quality. Higher quality means the gauge will be more expensive.

However, if you want the best miter gauge for your table, aim for the highest quality gauge on the market. Don’t go for the most affordable gauge because those don’t last long.

  • Miter Gauge Head & Fence

The gauge head can be either made from metal or aluminum. Aluminum heads are better because they last longer than metal gauge heads. These are the two most common materials that you will find on most popular miter gauges; you will find aluminum gauge.

On the other hand, metal is better because this material can help absorb vibrations better. Aluminum is flexible and might break if you apply too much force. However, metal is harder and won’t flex easily.

As for the fence, this will depend on the type of material you mostly work on. You can either opt for a long miter bar or a short miter bar. For general-purpose, both of them are good enough to work with.

Consider getting a long fence bar if you plan on working with long wood pieces. There are occasions where a more extended fence bar will allow you to work more easily.

  • Miter Slot

This will depend on the type of table saw you have. For example, if you have an old Delta, Craftsman, or Rockwell table saw, you should look for a mite gauge that is compatible with your machine. You can also find OEM miter gauges that will be a lot cheaper than going for a high-end third-party table saw gauge.

To find the right miter gauge for your table saw, you need to check the miter slot size first. It’s important that you get the right gauge that will fit smoothly without any play. The gauge should slide right in.

Also, if you don’t get a proper fit, you will have problems regarding the accuracy on your cuts. A good quality miter gauge will have adjustable fence bars. Those are simply the best because you can adjust the bar to fit any table saw.

For most woodworking projects, the basic requirement is to cut the woods precisely. And a good quality miter gauge can help achieve that. There are other factors that I’ve not mentioned because those are more of a personal opinion type feature. I’m sure you can figure out the rest.


And that’s all there is to it. It was a long journey, but hopefully, you now know how to choose the best table saw miter gauge. To narrow down your search, I’ve handpicked seven of the best miter gauges on the market that are widely used by woodworking professionals all over the world.

If you are in a hurry and want a quick recommendation, I would suggest you go with INCRA Miter 1000HD. It’s the most expensive and also the best table saw gauge you can find on the market. If you have a specific feature that you expect from a miter gauge, this one will deliver that and more.

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