While there are different types of hand saws on the market, almost all of them have the same basic parts. As you already know, a hand saw is a tool that is widely used in carpentry and woodworking projects.

It is used to cut wood pieces into smaller sizes and shapes. They are also known as panel saws, but hardly anyone calls them by this name. Since ancient times, hand saws have been in use for cutting wood.

How Does A Hand Saw Function

This tool has a timeless design, and nothing has changed that much. A typical hand saw has seven parts. Let’s start from the bottom.

  • Handle
  • Heel
  • Back
  • Front
  • Teeth
  • Blade
  • Toe
  • Saw Handle

Depending on the type of hand saw and its application, you will see different types of the handle with varying sizes. Even though the saw handles come in different shapes, they have the same function.

You hold it in your hand, and this provides you with a solid grip of the tool. You then move the saw back and forth to cut through the material. The more you move the saw back and forth, the more you will be able to cut the material.

Saw Blade

After grip comes the blade. Most saw blades are typically made using solid steel. The blade has a lot of functions, and just like the handle, the blade comes in several different shapes depending on the hand saw type.

It’s the job of the blade to penetrate into the material. To do that, the blade has teeth with varying angles. They are sharp and runs along the blade’s bottom edge.

Front & Back

To determine the front and back of the saw, you will need to look at the blade from the side. The top portion that is smooth is called the back, and the bottom portion of the edge where the saw’s teeth are is referred to as the front of the blade.

Toe & Heel

The heel of the blade is the closest part to the handle. And the toe, you guessed it, is the very top portion of the blade.


Some hand saws like the ones that are used for cutting metal, i.e., a hacksaw, has a different frame. You can replace the blade of a hacksaw. That being said, you can replace the blade from any handsaw.

How Does A Hand Saw Function

And that’s all there is to it.

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