What Are The Uses Of A Jigsaw

What Are The Uses Of A Jigsaw?

The Jigsaw! The one saw to rule them all, well, sort of. I have a table saw in my workshop that I probably use more than any other tools in there.

But we all know a table saw has one big limitation. And that is, you can't cut curves on a table saw. As a DIYer, you only have three options available if you want to make curved cuts on wood.

1. A Scroll Saw

If you are working with thin materials and want to make tight, intricate curves, a scroll saw is a great tool for that. However, this tool is mostly used on decorative projects.

2. A Band Saw

for cutting curves,  one of the most common tools in any woodworking shop is a band saw. However, it takes up a lot of space and is quite expensive. Let's not forget that it has its own limitations.

3. A Jigsaw

Finally comes the jigsaw. It's a versatile tool that can handle almost if not all of the curved cuts that you will need to make for a particular project. Jigsaws are affordable and only takes up a little space in your workshop.

Uses Of A Jigsaw

You will often see fine woodworking projects that require the use of a jigsaw more than any other tool. A jigsaw uses a pretty think blade that cuts using up and down motion. Because of its thin size, you can easily cut pretty tight radiuses.

You can also cut holes on a board using a jigsaw, which is something a band saw can't do. The only drawback with a saw like this is that you can't use it to cut really thick lumber.

If you don't plan on cutting anything thicker than a 2x4, you won't have any problems at all. You can also make bevel cuts using a jigsaw. Also, newer jigsaws have variable speed settings that allow you to reduce burnings on hardwoods.

You can also use the orbital cutting settings to really speed up the cutting process. However, you don't want to use this feature because it produces a more ragged cut.

Final Words

So far, you already have a general idea about the uses of a jigsaw. Also, another thing I would like to mention is that it is also one of the safest power tools on the market. This is because the cutting blade is beneath the wood.

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