People are always writing and asking me, what is most important in a saw? I know where this question is coming from because there are a lot of factors and criteria you have to consider before actually getting a saw.

As for me, I use a huge number of power tools for my trade. DIYers are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to saws. I mean, there are different types of saws out there.

When it comes down to it, carpentry can be narrowed down to two things –  cutting and fastening. Every single function that a carpenter carries out usually falls broadly into one of those categories.

Think About Your Needs

Think about it, a carpenter gets large stocks of lumber or other building material, and then they have to break those into the sizes they want very specifically. This means a saw is an inevitable tool.

So, let’s get back into the question. The thing that is most important in a saw is to see if it is designed for the thing that you are trying to do. It’s really important that you choose a saw that best suits the purpose.

So, following that logic, you will need at least one tool for each of those functions. And obviously, if you can have just one for each, you want it to be the best. So, where do you turn to get the most bang for your buck?

You take a look at the jobs that you do. As I see it, the tool that stands head and shoulders above the rest is a circular saw. Add a drill, and you can build a staggering array of things with just these two tools.

Think about what you would be cutting most of the time. This factor is clearly the most important in a saw. For example, if all you do is cut 2x4s to length, then you will require a crosscut saw.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of small saws of various types. Some of them are designed to make accurate cuts, while some are better suited for cutting dovetails. In the end, all I can say is the purpose of buying a saw is the most important.

However, just like that, you should also look at the saw’s accuracy, portability, functionality, ease of use, and several other criteria. Know your purpose and start researching for the best tool available out there.

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