Can You Use A Table Saw On The Ground

Can You Use A Table Saw On The Ground?

There is no doubt that the table saw is a very powerful tool. It is the sort of device that when things are going right, everything's just magical. And you can get a lot of work done very efficiently, especially when you start using jigs and all sorts of other things.

But, when things go wrong with a table saw, they generally go wrong in a reasonably catastrophic way, and that's why there's no more dangerous tool in your shop than the table saw. It's a statistical fact.

Here are some of the inexcusable excuses and how not to use a table saw.

  • I was tired
  • I didn't have enough time
  • I had to get the project finished soon
  • I couldn't find the riving knife
  • Finally, I don't have a table saw stand

All of those are ridiculous excuses. Now, for your question, which is, "Can you use a table saw on the ground?"

There are a couple of mixed opinions on this. Let's say, for example, you are about to install laminate flooring, and you got yourself a table saw. You open the box, and it says with a warning sign saying you should never operate the table saw on the floor.

Here are the possible reasons for not using a table saw on the floor.

  • Table saws need good airflow underneath to keep the motor from getting too hot.
  • You also need enough space under the saw so that dust can't accumulate there.
  • Also, the table saw should be bolted down to prevent it from moving too much.

Now, you can use a table saw on the ground/floor, but I would avoid using like this. It's not that you can't use a table on the ground; it is more out of safety concern for the user.

First of all, it's not safe. You can tip easily in the event of a kickback, which is very common. Also, when you are on your knees, it becomes very hard to handle material.

On the other hand, I've seen hardwood flooring guys and contractors using these saws on the floor all the time. However, those are a crazy bunch, and they are risking their lives while doing it.

Final Words

 It's possible but not recommended. Don't try going Yolo with a table saw. Stay safe, keep it safe, and don't use a table saw on the ground.

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