Reciprocating Saw Vs. Jigsaw

Reciprocating Saw Vs Jigsaw: Which One You Should Pick?

Reciprocating Saw Vs Jigsaw – This is going to be a difficult choice?

Well, it’s one of the most common queries consumers have in mind when they become confused about taking the ultimate decision to pick either of the mentioned saws.

And, YES, we do feel the same – it’s not a simple decision to make.

Actually, these two saws work like a beast, yet there are some differences between them. So, when you have to pick one of these two saws, then you must have to know the underlying differences first.

Let’s get GOING…

Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw – Which is Better?

Reciprocating Saw:

Reciprocating Saw

First of all, we will have a discussion on what a reciprocating is with its pros and cons.

A reciprocating saw, to a great extent, does have a similar look of a tiny chainsaw. In a chainsaw, the blade comes out the front side, and the handle is placed at the back. But, in a reciprocating saw, you’ll see the blade is just a few inches long, and it does the cutting through moving faster back and forth (this is the reason for the name – reciprocating saw).

You can swap the blades in and out easily while cutting the type of materials you will cut.

For Your Information, there is another name of the reciprocating saw, which is – Sawzalls.

Always remember that when you have a quality reciprocating saw, you can save both of your time and energy.


  • With a reciprocating saw, you can cut through literally anything from 4 x 4 inches to rebar, yet it actually depends on the type of blades you will be using.
  • Different types of reciprocating saw blades are currently available in the market. Depending on your cutting projects, you have to choose the best blades.
  • When you cut a tough material with a reciprocating saw, this power tool follows the “push/pull” method.
  • On the contrary, there are also reciprocating saws which are appropriate for light-duty cutting projects. But, keep in mind that the reciprocating saws are manufactured with the aim of handling the heavy-duty projects, including the construction sites’ projects.

Therefore, a reciprocating is ideal for both homeowners and professional workers as well.


  • In order to have a better cut, you may slow down the speed of your reciprocating saw. But, in that case, you may forget to do any sort of finesse work with your reciprocating saw.

Besides, the reciprocating saw vibrates a lot and is significantly heavier than a professional jigsaw.



Now, our discussion will be based on the introduction of a jigsaw along with its pros and cons.

A jigsaw is one kind of reciprocating saw, yet there are some noticeable differences.

In a jigsaw, you’ll find the blade is anchored only at one point, and it comes out from the bottom of the power tool.

Besides, the jigsaw blades are narrower, smaller and more fragile than those blades used in a reciprocating saw.

But, the best part about the jigsaw blades is these blades come with a wide range of styles so that you can choose the right kind that matches to your working projects.

In this way, it is always a wise decision to check all the jigsaw blade types before you purchase one for your power tool.

If we talk about the usage of a jigsaw, in most cases, you will have to use this power tool by leaning on the work-surface.

Jigsaw has got its types and varieties, so it’s better to check all the professional jigsaw types before you buy one for your home or work projects.


  • A jigsaw is a power tool that is lightweight and very easy-to-operate. This particular saw will allow you to perform complex cuts on a wide range of materials – medium-gauge materials, sheet, and more…
  • There’s another reason for which you will fall in love with this power tool is its versatility. With a jigsaw, you get the opportunity to cut a handle of a door-frame or a slot in the drywall with complete ease.
  • Additionally, a jigsaw is also a perfect cutting tool for performing quick cuts which you can also do with a reciprocating saw.
  • However, with a jigsaw, you can perform such quick cuts with a higher level of accuracy and precision as well.


  • Because of the design of a jigsaw, you can’t perform any sort of flush cuts against materials like wood or steel. This is really quite disappointing from our personal experience.

But, this is the only drawback which we found while we performed our testing task of a jigsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reciprocating Saw Vs Jigsaw.

1. Which to buy jigsaw vs. reciprocating saw?

Answer: This is really a tough call.

As we have already explained, for heavy-duty jobs, the reciprocating saw would be an ideal choice to go for.

On the other hand, if you want accuracy and precision, then you should definitely go for a jigsaw.

2. What does a reciprocating saw do vs. a jigsaw?

Answer: In comparison to a jigsaw, a reciprocating saw is more reliable for performing the heavy-duty cutting jobs.

For example, it is always a wise decision to pick a reciprocating saw in the construction sites. Because, in a construction site, you’ll require more of those heavy-duty jobs.

3. When to use reciprocating saw vs. jigsaw?

Answer: The answer to this question actually depends on the type of cutting projects you need to perform.

Always remember that a reciprocating saw is an ideal choice for heavy-duty cutting operations.

On the other hand, a jigsaw is a perfect choice for cutting with accuracy and precision.

Therefore, depending on the type of your cutting job, you should go for either of the two saws.

Final Verdict:

Now, you have got a clear idea about the question – reciprocating saw vs jigsaw.

We believe our above-detailed discussion has helped you to get a clear idea about different important points of these two saws.

In fact, we have also explained which saw is ideal for which type of cutting jobs.

Now, it’s your time to decide which saw you’re going to buy.

One more thing you must keep in mind is the blades of the saw. Make sure to buy the type of blade which matches to your specific cutting projects.


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