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How to Use a Circular Saw: Step-by-Step Guide for Newbie

A circular saw is a super versatile cutting tool that can cut through different objects easily. But many of us hesitate to buy this amazing tool because of a lack of information and less to none idea about using a circular saw properly.

Well, if it is the case, then this article might be your savior.

Here, we not only discussed how to use a circular saw effectively and effortlessly but at the same time also talked about circular saw uses, different cuts, and methods to help you with your numerous DIY projects.

So without further ado, let’s start the composition about how to use a circular saw.

What Are Some Uses Of Radial Arm Saws?

One of the most reliable and versatile cutting tools available in the market right now is the circular saw. Its blade is sharp, can perform different cuts with angles, and is easy to install (even though it might seem hard at the first thought).

To install a circular saw blade, the first thing you must do is get the right blade. This is because these saws come in various types and various sizes of blades and a wrong type (or size) of blade either might not fit the saw at all or if it fits somehow, it won’t deliver the result you have been aiming for.

When you get the perfect blade and want to install it, never hesitate to take sufficient safety precautions- don’t forget to turn off the plug or take out the battery (in case of a compact or cordless circular saw) as accidental turning on the tool can chop off your fingers and cause severe damage. Also, wait for a few minutes after removing the plug or battery to drain out all the power to eliminate any further risk.

Now it’s time to get started. Even though your saw’s instruction manual is the best source of information, we still will discuss it here in case you have lost yours. First, lock down the spindle by pressing the lock button. Hold the lock button while you use a wrench to remove the blade bolts and then open the lower guard once the bolts are removed. Now, take your blade carefully and place it into the saw while making sure that the saw teeth face in the direction of rotation.

After you have placed the blade in the circular saw, put the lower guard in place and tighten the bolt so that the blade is locked tightly and doesn’t impose any risk of coming out while you are using the saw.

The same process is also applicable to change the blade of the saw. You just need to take out the used blade and insert a new one for unparalleled cutting experiences.

How to Cut with a Circular Saw?

An excellent quality circular saw not only provides portability and efficiency (cutting in half the time than other saws); it can also surprise you with its different cutting skills. From cutting woods and plywood to cutting through PVC and rip boards, you can use it on almost everything effectively. Aside from cutting through different objects, the best circular saw can also perform versatile cuts- straight, circular, square, and cuts with beveled angles. You just need to know how to perform each cut, and you are good to go with your saw.

- Cutting Wood:

When you are cutting wood with either an electronic circular saw or a cordless one, experts always suggest setting the blade depth to about ¼ inches because it is much safer, and there are zero chances of a bind and kickback during wood sawing.

Also, don’t forget to support the entire length of wood and let the cut off piece fall away for additional safety as well as to have a nice, clean-cut.

- How to Cut a Straight Line:

Cutting a straight line with a circular saw is quite easy; first, you need to measure your board with a measuring tape and mark a line where you want to cut using a pencil (you can also use a scale or guide for smooth cutting the line). Then, align your saw with the drawn line and turn on the tool. Go with the pencil line to cut straight through the board or wood.

- Cut PVC:

A circular saw is the best to cut PVC pipes, especially when you have a lot to cut. It not only cuts plastics accurately and super-fast but also ensures a clean cut. To cut down the plastic, start off by marking the place with a pencil. Then clamp the pipe to a solid surface (such as a table or countertop) and secure it tightly. After that, cut through the parked place using your rechargeable or electric circular saw for a more clear and effortless cutting result.

- Cutting Fence Posts:

A cordless circular saw is one of the best options to cut fence posts because it not only gives you freedom of movement but at the same time also ensures clean and quick cut. But while trimming your fences, you have to be creative- first set the posts in the ground and then cut them for a uniform result. Also, remember a usual 7¼ inch circular blade is too small to cut through the 4×4 inch posts, and for this reason, you might have to go through the same place twice for a precise cut.

- How to Cut a Circle:

Well, it might seem quite hard to cut a perfect circle with a circular saw, but if you know the right technique, it would be a piece of cake for you.

Begin by laying the wood or PVC on a table and clamp it tightly. Then mark it correctly according to the circle size you have been wanting. First, make a straight cut near the marked circle to get as close to it as possible- this would make your circle cutting easier. Then cut through the marked area to get the perfect circle you have been aiming for.

- How to Square a Board:

If you know how to cut a straight line, then cutting a square on board would be extremely easy for you. Just clamp the board on the table and draw a square with a scale and pencil. Then with the right sized blade (according to your board’s thickness), cut through the board to give it a square shape.

- How to Rip Boards:

Table saws are the perfect tool for rip cuts. But then again, if you know the right techniques, a circular saw can also do the work. First, you need to tightly clamp the saw on a circular saw workbench so that the saw blade rotates underneath the sole (basically turning it into a somewhat table saw). Make sure the blade is completely parallel to the platform and has the right blade size before you start ripping off the board according to your choice.

- How to Cut 2x4:

After clamping the wood and supporting it properly, set the blade to a suitable depth. For a 2×4 cut, adjust the blade to a point where it is within a ¼ inch to 1-inch below your wood range. Then mark the board with a pencil according to your cutting demand and start cutting it through it.

- Cutting plywood:

When cutting through plywood, you want smoother cuts, which is why you need to install a saw blade that comes with a higher tooth count than usual. The more teeth ensure smoother and finer cuts in plywood.

Once you are done picking up the right blade, set the blade depth (according to the ply thickness) and then start cutting your circles or squares.

How to Remove a Circular Saw Blade Guard:

Removing a circular saw blade guard is not as hard as you might think. In fact, it is quite easy if you are familiar with tools and accessories. While using a circular saw, you must have noticed that the blade guard is attached with springs. After removing the saw blade and the flange successfully, pull the circular saw guard retaining ring with the help of a flat-head screwdriver. Once the retaining ring is pulled off, you can easily remove the blade guard from the saw’s body for cleaning or replacing purpose.

Circular Saw Safety:

While handling a circular saw, some of the safety measures you must keep in mind are:

When to Use a Circular Saw?

You use a circular saw when you need to cut through anything quickly and accurately. No matter what the material is (wood, plywood, or PVC), with a circular saw, it is quite easy and effortless to cut through them when you have the right blade type and depth.

You can either use an electric circular saw or a rechargeable one according to your needs and preferences.

Use a Circular Saw as a Table Saw:

Even though a circular saw is a handheld cutting tool, with the right accessories and technique, you can also convert it into a table saw. To do this, first, you need to drill four holes in the saw base. Then with the saw cut a gap on the tabletop and clamp the saw tightly with screws on the other side of the top so that only the blade is visible from the top. Once you are done, put the electric plugs on and voila! You have a table saw now. leo.

How to Adjust a Circular Saw Depth?

Before cutting through any object, you must adjust the blade depth in order to have a precise cut and also ensure your safety. To determine the blade depth, you must first unplug the saw and then hold it alongside the board you want to cut. Don’t forget to retract the blade guard.

Then loosen the depth-adjusting knob and let the blade extend about ¼ inch to ½ inch below the board. Once the blade extends to the required size, tighten the knob, and you are good to go.

How to use a Circular Saw Rip Fence?

To use a rip fence, you first need to make sure that your circular saw comes with a fence slot, which is located at the front of the machine. If it does, you just need to insert the rip fence in the slot (while the tool is turned off), measure the length you need, and then secure it tightly for easy usage.

Our Final Word:

We are sure that after going through this article, you get a very clear cut idea on how to use a circular saw easily and effectively. This article would not only help you to get different aspects of this versatile cutting tool but at the same time would also help you to understand different cuts and uses of this saw. We can assure you that after reading this article word by word, you would be nothing less than an expert about a circular saw and its different cutting methods.

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