Dewalt DW715 Review

Dewalt DW715 Review: Why Should You Buy This Miter Saw?

For metal or woodwork, read the Dewalt DW715 review. It is a miter saw that’ll give you accurate cross-cuts. Moreover, the power tool does not have any health hazard because of its safety features. The cover of the blade and that part’s slow movement prevent all types of accidents.

As we told earlier, you can make some massive cuts with this one from Dewalt. It is because the DW715 miter saw has a powerful motor to drive a 12” blade. Depending on the material, you can choose different blades. This saw will give you the smoothest and most clean-cut without breaking a sweat.

There are more reasons to love this miter saw, and we’ll see those as we go ahead reviewing Dewalt DW715. At first, we’ll take a quick look at the main specs and then talk about the features in detail.

Key Specifications:

Tool Weight: Approximately 42 lbs.
Power: 15 amps
RPM: 4000 max. (no load)
Blade Size:12-inch
Dimension: 26.1 inch x 19.6 inch x 17.2 inch
45-Degree Bevel Cut Capacity:2×8 Dimensional Lumber
45-Degree Miter Cut Capacity:2×6 Dimensional Lumber (max. width)
45-Degree Miter Cut Capacity:2×6 Dimensional Lumber (max. height)
90-Degree Cross Cut Capacity:4×6 Dimensional Lumber
90-Degree Cross Cut Capacity:2×8 (max. width)
Vertical Capacity:5-1/4 “ (Crown Molding Vertically Nested)
Vertical Capacity: 6-1/2 “ (Crown Molding Lying Flat)
Vertical Capacity: 6-1/2 “ (Baseboard Against Fence)

Dewalt DW715 Review: Detailed Features.


This compound miter saw has a 15 amp motor that can provide 4000 rpm without load. Also, this power tool is compatible with a 12″ blade, which is vital to have sleek cuts.

Changing the blade type, you can cut almost any kind of material with ease.


As DW715 is highly portable and has a capacity for cutting fairly large pieces, it is convenient for any person with the need of a miter saw.

You can choose any angle with its detent plate, which has 11 positive stops and can give you up to 50-degrees to the left and right. That’s a wide range to choose from, giving you more capacity than many drop saws.

Moreover, the weight of this tool is not much to carry around your job site and work wherever you want. So, its portability also makes it convenient for you.


There is no laser on this tool, but anyone can maintain accuracy on this tool. It’s because maintaining a proper angle is very easy, and you can cut big pieces with its 11 positive stops on the detent plate.

Also, it’ll let you cut common bevel cuts for without any hassle. It allows 3-degree bevel cut to the right and a maximum of 48-degree cut on the left. The sturdy build quality will let you maintain the numbers precisely.


Dewalt took several steps to ensure safety. The main 2 safety features of Dewalt DW715 miter saw are blade cover and the tool’s slow movement.

The blade cover is a common thing for compound miter saws. Also, the whole part that holds the blade moves slowly so that you won’t get hurt.

Build Quality:

The DW715 itself is stable that you won’t need to mount on anything to cut small pieces. But it has options to mount on a table and cut larger pieces with utmost accuracy.

After some projects, we couldn’t help but admit that it has excellent build quality. That’s why professionals love this tool for quick and precise cuts.

Pros: What we liked about the Dewalt DW715.

  • Its capability of cutting thick material effortlessly and smoothly with a 12” blade and rotation speed of 4000 rpm made this our first choice.
  • The big and high fence helped a lot for precision cutting of large pieces of wood.
  • We also liked the ergonomic design of this tool’s handle so that you can operate it more precisely.
  • Finally, we want to mention that it can easily and precisely cut through large stocks in a single press.

Cons: What we didn’t like about this saw.

  • We got many complaints about the fence not being parallel. Even a salesman experienced the same claims on this model. So, check the fence when you buy this model or check when it’s delivered.
  • Another issue it has is with its dust collection port. The quality of the dust port should be much better for such costly miter saw.

Pro Tip: If you like DW715 but hesitating to order because of the cons, we have some solutions for you. For the first issue, check the tool at the time of purchase.

For the second one, you can DIY your dust collecting system. Some YouTube videos are showing easy tricks for covering the work area and collecting dust with vacuum cleaners.

Should you buy a circular saw instead of a miter saw?

The first difference between circular saw vs. miter saw is in their use case. You will need a circular saw when accuracy is not your primary concern, and an extended continuous cut is necessary.

On the other side, a miter saw is a tool for very accurate cuts with different angles on a small or medium-sized piece.

Both tools need some skills to operate and can make amazing cuts. Making angular cuts is difficult on circular saws but possible.

So, depending on your work criteria, you should choose one. You should not select by seeing some online articles declaring one type better than the other one.

Why should you buy it?

If you want to use a miter saw for years reliably, you should buy it today which you can put it as a wise investment.

We aren’t talking about the cutting performance here because it has got our attention with its very smooth and precise cutting capability. It’s possible because of its powerful motor and broad blade.

Also, we think this is the best miter saw for beginners, and you already have the reasons.

Comparing with other miter saws, can you consider it for buying?

Comparing Dewalt DW715 with DW716, we can say that the DW716 can take a more significant piece than the DW715.

But from the Dewalt DW715 review, you can tell that it is more powerful and lightweight than the other one.

Other features and performance of both miter saws are the same. So, choose according to your requirement of whether it’s capacity or power and portability.

Dewalt DW715 has more positive stops than Makita LS1221. But this one from Makita weighs less than DW715 so that you can carry it easily. Both are well built and perform smoothly.

So, if you consider portability over other features, you should go with the Makita LS1221.

Is it worth the money?

Yes, it is worth the money.

The feature and performance make it a pro-choice. We read a lot of reviews and did thorough research before the testing phase.

After that, we got satisfied with the cuts it can perform. The cuts are sturdy, smooth, and precise.

If you’re not happy with the cuts, try changing the blade before blaming the machine.

Also, proper maintenance will keep it worth for many years.

Things to Reconsider:

The only thing to reconsider this compound miter saw is its dust collection system.

We noticed that Dewalt’s competitors are making great drop saws with better dust collecting port. But don’t judge this tool only because of its lousy dust collecting port.

Also, we’re disappointed a little bit because it should have a laser-guided cutting system.

However, we could maintain accuracy without the help of a laser-guided system. So, you might need to reconsider those 2 things before ordering.

Maintenance Tips:

Maintenance of this tool is too easy, as you won’t need to do any. The only thing you can do is to clean the dust and wood chips around it sometimes.

So, don’t think of using any chemical to clean it or the bearings. The material used in this miter saw might react to certain cleaning chemicals.

The motor brushes might fail after some years, which are normal, and you’ll need to change those when the motor isn’t performing well.

Is there anything not to like?

Many of us didn’t like the fence installation, as it was not parallel.

Also, we weren’t satisfied with its dust collecting performance. While cutting a piece, dust can be a real problem sometimes.

So, a custom dust collecting system was due at the time of chopping wood or metal.

Final Words:

This DW715 is a rock-solid piece of equipment that is just right for your project.

If you are a DIYer or a professional, everyone who needs a miter saw should buy this one. If it’s time for an upgrade, you should consider getting this saw.

We hope that our Dewalt DW715 review helped you with valuable information about the tool.

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