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Best Miter Saws 2021: Reviews & Guide That Wins Customers

It’s easy to get swamped when you are searching for the best miter saw to buy. As there are lots of buying options from lots of brands, finding out the best one is not that easy. So, we have done the hard part for you. We researched a lot, collected 50+ miter saw, and tested all of them to bring out the real performer.

So, this details buying guide with 10 honest product recommendations can be your savior this time. Let’s scroll below and read to clear out all of your confusion.

Best Overall: DeWalt DWS780

Best Budget: Black+Decker M1850BD

Best Sliding Compound: DEWALT DWS779

Best Cordless Miter Saw: DeWalt DHS790AT2 Flexvolt

Best Miter Saw for DIY: DeWalt DWS715 12-Inch

Best for woodworking: Festool Kapex KS 120

Best Compact/Mini: Bosch GCM12SD

Best Single Bevel/Best 10-inch: Makita LS1040

Best Miter Saw For Trim/Baseboard: Milwaukee 2734-20 M18 Fuel

Best Household: DeWalt DWS709 12-inch

10 Best Miter Saw Reviews: Our Honest Recommendations

01. DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Best Overall

DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DWS780)

Key Features:

Our Rating:

The very first thing we’ve liked about this tool is it is user friendly, comes with an affordable price and has almost every feature that a modern best miter saw should have. This miter saw is highly recommended for both the DIYers and professionals.

The performance of Dewalt DWS780 is top-notch and each of the customers who have used is totally satisfied with this 12-inch bevel compound miter saw. It has 3800 RPM with 15 AMP powers, which is good enough for medium to high power work. The tool is powerful however the portability also a good thing that we like also.

For pinpoint accuracy and comfortable working, this saw is made in a very efficient and different wat. You can cut things with 0-60° left and 0-50° right. The bevel angle is 0-48° left and right.  You will get miters 2 x 10 at 45° and crosscuts on 2 x 14 at 90°.

Besides, the other features like adjustable meter tax ledger systems, 60T carbide blade, dust bag, vertical material clamp, blade wrench, 10 positive stops for easy adjustment and 3-years of warrantee has made it our top choice and best value for money.

Weight: 25 kg or 56lbs

Item Dimensions: 21.5 x 17.7 x 17.1 inches

RPM: 3800

AMP: 15

Voltage: 120

Power Style: Corded

Warranty: 3-years



02. Black+Decker M1850BD – Best Budget Miter Saw

Key Features:

Our Rating:

We like this one for its compact size, portability and accurate cutting capability with a very budget price. Although with this budget you have to sacrifice some premium features; but if you are not a power-hungry user, this machine is an easy go one for you. However, we recommend using this tool mostly for crown and base molding works.

The most fascinating thing about this tool is it has 5000 rpm. We wondered about this power at this price range. Moreover, it hasDie-cast aluminum construction, which makes it super portable. The tool looks premium and lightweight yet prices very low.

Besides, you will have a significant miter range with this compact tool. The cutting capacities are 2×3-inches at 45° and 2×4-inches at 90° which is pretty good we think.

The bevel angle of Black and Decker M1850BD is 0-45° with 9 stops. So, you can cut thingscomfortably and accurately.

With a short amount of money and without making your pocket crying, you can buy this one and get the most out of your money. The investment on this best budget miter saw will not make you regret surely.

Weight: 16.99lbs.

Item Dimensions: 15.2×15.8×17.5-inches

RPM: 5000

AMP: 9

Voltage: 120

Power Style: Corded

Warranty: 3-years



03. DEWALT DWS779 – Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

Key Features:

Our Rating:

DEWALT has been a top-notch company in the tool industry. You have seemed lots of suggestions from lots of experts who recommend to buy DEWALT products. We are not the opposite. You have found most of the saws that are made from DEWALT.

However, if you are searing for the best sliding compound miter saw, there’s the one for you. This machine is powerful, can perform fine cuts with 12-inch cutting depths.

The bevel angles are 2×16-inches at 90 degrees and 2×12-inches at 45 degrees. The maximum cutting thickness is 6.75 inches, which is also good enough.

With the sliding rails, you can cut a 16-inch wide piece of lumber. The 15-amp and 3800 rpm motor will provide you a smooth and comfortable cutting experience. And it can capture more than 75% dust that is really awesome.

Weight: 56lbs.

Item Dimensions: 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches

RPM: 3800

AMP: 15

Voltage: 120

Power Style: Corded

Warranty: 3-years



04. DEWALT DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT – Best Cordless Miter Saw

DEWALT DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT 120V MAX Corded / Cordless 12

Key Features:

Our Rating:

This one is for you if you are professional who needs to move a lot to one place to another and thus need a cordless, portable tool badly. Well, in this situation the Dewalt DHS790AT2 Flexvolt might be your savior. 

Most of the portable tools we have seen sacrifice power and performance. But here with this best cordless miter saw, you enjoy both the power and portability at the same time. So, if you need to do power work but need portability as well, you definitely should but this one.

Let’s talk about some of its features. It has 289 cross cuts with its 120v, 15-amp, and 3800 rpm motor. The brushless motor provides robust performance with long runtime. The integrated cutline blade positioning system is very handy and provides maximum visibility and accuracy.

However, this 12-inchesmiter saw doesn’t have any dust collection bag. You need to buy it separately. And the price tag also seems high to us. But if you have enough cash to buy a premium miter saw, this can be a good investment.

Weight: 56 lbs.

Item Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 32 inches

RPM: 3800

AMP: 6

Voltage: 120

Power Style: Cordless

Warranty: 3-years



05. DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch – Best Miter Saw for DIY Projects

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound (DWS715)

Key Features:

Our Rating:

From DIY to any household projects, this saw can be a perfect choice for anyone. We have selected this one firstly for its premium build and performance with a not very high price tag.

This 12-inch miter saw is a great machine for cutting larger material. So, you do not need to switch between another sawwhile doing your household or any DIY projects. This model from DEWALT can cut0-3 degrees to the right and 0-48 degrees to the left. Therefore, you will get a larger level of capacity.

The powerful 4000 rpm motor is very capable of sinking its teeth into almost anything and cut 5-inches thick and 8-inched wide. You will love its sturdiness and high build quality definitely. But you find the weight is not higher. It weighs just 40 pounds!

However, The other features that you need in the best quality miter saw are present here and you can go this one without any hesitation if you want the best value for money miter saw.

Weight: 42.8 lbs.

Item Dimensions: 26.8 x 21.9 x 18.9 inches

RPM: 4000

AMP: 15

Voltage: 120

Power Style: Corded

Warranty: 3-years



06. Festool Kapex KS 120 – Best Woodworking Miter Saw

Festool 575306 Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw (Newest Model)

Key Features:

Our Rating:

07. Bosch GCM12SD – Best Mini Miter Saw

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade

Key Features:

Our Rating:

8. Makita LS1040 – Best Single Bevel Miter Saw

Makita 10

Key Features:

Our Rating:

9. Milwaukee 2734-20 M18 Fuel – Best Miter Saw for Trim

2734-20 M18 Fuel, 10

Key Features:

Our Rating:

10. DEWALT DWS709 12″ – Best for Household

DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS709)

Key Features:

Our Rating:

Guide For Selecting The Best Miter Saw: The Must-Have Features

The Must Have Feature Table

Features Characteristics

Blade Size:

For Newbie/Home base task: 10-inch For Professional level tasks: 12-inch


20-60 Pounds

Bevel Settings:



Minimum 3800

Build Material:

Steel or Aluminum

Dust Bag:


Sliding Rails:


Bevel Stops:


Blade Size:

The main goal of every miter saw is to chop down wooden planks and this goal saved by the blade. Therefore, determining the right size is an important goal indeed. The blade of every miter saw take part in the main action or performance, based on the size. Normally, you will find blades measure between 10 to 12 inches.

The bigger blade will obviously be able to get us over a bigger threshold with its powerful cutting ability. But not necessarily, you need to fix your mind within this. On the contrary, the 10-inch is an easy-going blade to sneak into the narrow space. Besides, it is the best budget miter saw to buy whereas the 12″ blade seems expensive.

Finally, how do you make up your mind to buy which size of blades? Well, it’s all about your carpeting operation on your work-station. If you are a newbie in this business then we recommend you go for the shorter one-10 inches blade. Because, it is affordable, easy to maneuver and easily cut through 2×6 inches wooden planks. Those ranges would be good to go for the home-based miter saw usage.

On the flip side, the bigger size of the blade with 12″ definitely a great deal for the professional level carpenter. Therefore, the user of it may easily cut through bigger planks in no time, no matter what wood thickness it would have. Because the best miter saw for woodworking comes with a blade may cut the ultimate level of the wood-cutting task for you.

Normally the 12″ offers with the shape of 2×8 at the same time do the job of a shorter blade as well as 2×6. If you want to have it now then make sure you are going to cut thicker material, however, the whole task somewhat depends on the level of the blade that flies or lifts across the object.

Sliding Rails:

You have already come to know that blade size has a great role to cut any specific thick material, but keep in mind that it is not the only feature. Sliding back and forth with the saw across the lumber is another great feature and it is done by dint of sliding rails. Now guess why do these sliding rails come to action and benefit the overall cutting experience?

The answer lies in the increase of the width of lumber that the best miter saw can cut. For example, a miter saw without the sliding rails only able to cut up to 12″ using the 12″ of the blade. But when the sliding rails team up with it then the cutting measurement will soar up to 16 inches! Therefore, it allows you to cut any wide pieces of planks using your miter saw.


Miter saw definitely deals with heavy work-load, so it should be made of heavy-duty materials. Keeping this mind, a top rated miter saw always comes with the well-constructed Steel or Aluminium body. The percentage of using Aluminium will make it a bit lighter. By the way, the blade handle and guard are made of durable plastic.

Corded or Cordless:

Miter saw has two different electrical outlets either corded or cordless. Normally, a corded miter saw is for the heavy-duty work as it requires keeping connected with the main electrical outlet all the time. The power comes from the battery won’t withstand and for the toughest carpeting at all.

On the other hand, the Cordless ones are easy to transport and they deal with the basic woodworking. If you are going to buy a cordless miter saw then it seems you are having this for your home, not for professional usage.

Doug Mahoney says;

“The primary strengths of a cordless saw are fast setup and total mobility. When the saw isn’t tethered to an outlet, climbing staging to trim a rafter tail becomes a quick task”

Variable Types of Miter Saw:

There are three different types of miter saw, and they are basic to compound and sliding compound miter saw. In regards to the versatility, the sliding compound miter saw seems the most versatile pick. It comes with the enhanced technologically constructed frame along with the motor and blade assembling. As a result, it can easily be mounted on a moving arm and amazingly accommodate bigger pieces of wooden planks.

In contrast, the basic miter saw comes with limited features. As it is less expensive and easily gives you the fine wood trimming and angle cutting up to 90 degrees then you may choose it for your home wood carpentry. Lastly, the compound power miter saw would be a great pick for bevel cuts. It seems a bit standard from the basic miter saw. The bevel cut will be heading towards the one way, that’s the limitation compared to the sliding miter saw. Besides, this cut may conduct from left to right in one headed-way.

Portability and Weight:

Portability and weight both have opposite reactions to any miter saw. So when you want more portability with the best portable miter saw then it will definitely come with less weight. Well, to determine among them is upon you. If your miter saw never moves around one work-station to another or shop to shop then the heavy miter gauge would be good to go.

However, when you are a frequent traveler and transport your miter saw from one workshop to another then you must need to have a lightweight miter saw. Let us give you a definitive guide regarding this manner. The maximum weight may be up to 90 pounds and believe us it is too heavy to bring it outside the doorstep of your workshop.

On the other hand, the standard lightweight would be around 30 pounds, which would amazingly travel to any place; it feels like lightweight and compact to you.

What is a Miter Saw Used For?

Imagine a plank of wood which size would be somewhat up to 10-foot. Now it’s time to chop them down into 3 similar pieces. Only the best miter saw ensure it effortlessly and precisely.

Now, what happens when you will do it by yourself? It will take hours and sweat, even after that you may not make sure the precision of cutting. Here a good quality tool like miter saw does the job for you. Therefore, in every Carpenter work-station, you will definitely find a Miter Saw, no doubt about that.

Finally, a Standard type of miter saw would be a functional tool and easily perform with the crosscuts, slide cut, and miter cut.

Tools for a beginner woodworker: Miter Saw or Circular Saw?

When you are missing a power saw or a very professional level miter saw, ironically this would be great.

Because having the most functional saw sometimes gives you a hard time while chopping down the wooden planks in the right manner. And this will be applicable while dealing with easy wood cutting work. For example, you are crafting a kid table then a basic tool would be great to do that job.

In this circumstance, we always prefer to have a miter saw. Why do we recommend having the miter saw? Can you guess the reason behind it?

Well, a circular saw would be an extremely handy tool in some cases, but, it is a better pick for a professional. This is not a universal tool for all, since only a carpenter may utilize its functionalities with their years of experience and their amazing skills to maneuver it.

Difference Between Table Saw vs. Miter Saw.

Dealing with the Table Saw and Miter Saw both would be excellent. But when you are running out of budget then you opt for a preference. Hence, you need to know which one would be the best.

The main difference between them is to fire in a different direction to cut something. While using the table saw the direction comes straight from up to bottom. Also, the teeth rigorously spin towards downward.

Here are the main differences between a Miter saw and a table saw:

Miter Saw Table Saw
Angle Cuts
Angle cuts
Bevel Cuts
Ability to perform limited Bevel cuts
Ideal for crown molding, trim, picture frames, flooring.
Maximum Ripping capacity and width cutting
Limited to cutting narrow boards
Ideal for ripping boards but can also do smaller cuts
Lightweight and easy to carry
Heavier and more cumbersome to move around
Easy to use
Still fairly easy to use

How to unlock a Miter saw?

When it comes to unlocking the meter saw then firstly you need to head start with the head of it. A little bit of gentle pressure on it using a lever or pin would be great while unlocking it. By the way, the modern tools often ensure to have engineered knobs or a pin for that; you may easily block the mechanical ankle. Those handy knobs placed behind the blade close to the center point of the base.

So when you find it over there, all you need to do is to pull that knob then you find the head becomes unlocked. Some tool comes with the sliding knob and thus you can easily lock it by sliding it up and down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes the best compound miter saw?

Here are some of the Brands who are making the best compound Miter Saw:

  2. Metabo
  3. Bosch

Which compound miter saw should I purchase?

According to the DIYer’s report, the 10″ sliding compound miter saw was able to hit on the sweet spot. Because it has powerful 15-amp motors, easy to maintain and seems affordable to most of the homeowners.

Miter saw with or without laser?

Having Laser on a miter saw is a premium feature, for sure. However, this feature may not mark for the perfect cuts.

Is it safe to use a miter saw on the ground?

Although putting the miter saw on the ground gives you the ease of cutting, it may hamper overall accuracy. This is why experts never recommend puttingit on the ground especially when you are a beginner.

How can a miter saw cut metal?

It can perform well while cutting the tubes, angles, and aluminum rods using the nonferrous metal called a miter saw blade.

Why does my miter saw have a setting for 31.6°?

Wider molding like 31.6° ensures to have more accuracy on cutting angles especially when dealing with the 90-degree corners of any wooden planks.

Can you rip wood on a miter saw?

There is no such operation to have a rip blade on a miter saw. The position of the rip blade is not accommodating with this saw hence, you won’t see this blade to snap with it.

Final Verdict:

Miter saw seems to be a magic wand in your Workshop. The most accurate one is a weapon that maximizes your performance, accuracy, and cuts every lumber according to your preference. After reading between the lines, hopefully, you come to know the most important aspects while buying any of it.

Now let the cat out of the bag and get to know which would be the best deal, make a checklist of yours, measure your hurdle then see which one would be the best suited. Finally, you may bring the best miter saw at home right away!

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