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Top 7 Best Hybrid Table Saw in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

On the off chance that the inquiry is the best hybrid table saw for the legitimate carpenter or DIY hobbyist, at that point, the most satisfying answer is here.

At this moment in time, there are wide ranges of models and types of hybrid table saws available in hand, and each of those consists of a varied set of specifications. If you are hoping to purchase the best hybrid saw, you may come to know that it can be a challenging task to select the perfect one.

Henceforth, we have constructed our discussion regarding hybrid table saw reviews to help you pick the one that meets your needs and requirements.

At the very beginning, we want to let you know that we have come up with these table saw reviews, after performing numerous tests and trials. Concurrently, we have endowed with extensive information on the factors which you must know before making the purchase. It would certainly assist you to compare various models, specifications, and features as well. The objective with all of this is to aid you in choosing the hybrid table saws reviews for serving your needs.

However, at the end of this comprehensive review, we will reveal our top pick that would fit both of your professional and DIY purposes.

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7 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews with Buying Guide:

hybrid table saws reviews

This comprehensive review of the top hybrid table saws will save your time and enable you to avoid the problems of digging up the features of several options, and that is because the advantages and downsides of the best ones are clearly pointed out.

The point is – you not only get acquainted with their strengths; our table saw reviews also explicates their weaknesses – that most of the advertisers try to ‘HIDE.’

01. Shop Fox W1837 – Top Hybrid Table Saw for the Money.

With the Shop Fox W1837 Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw, you get the ideal choice for both words – cabinet and portable table saw. This table saw comes with a 2 HP motor, and has the running capacity with 3450 RPM (SPEED). It offers outstanding value for anybody searching for an accurate and precise finishing with woodwork. The size of an exclusive contractor saw and easy-to-move weight, yet with the dust controlling option and the full features of the cabinet saw – have made it one of the best hybrid saws.

Therefore, this hybrid saw will undoubtedly meet your needs and requirements – both on a job site and in the workshop.

The Shop FoxW1837 comes with a ripping capacity of 15” to the left and 30” to the right, which eventually lets you get high precision and accuracy for cutting any kind of wood. Furthermore, this hybrid table saw has a dust-resistant option – that makes your work totally dust-free and tidy.

The carbide-tipped-blade can move towards the left from any position – between 0 & 45 degrees. Thus, enabling this table saw an ideal option for cutting compound miters and bevels. The elegant design – 10 inches with 40-tooth – will provide a professional and smooth finishing while cutting any wood.

Besides, the table-top is placed on the smaller side, yet this allows the Shop FoxW1837 for not taking too much space in your workshop. However, you can still easily and quickly adjust the wingspan to manage accommodation for more significant materials.

Furthermore, the exact riving knife is interchangeable and offers true-protection for non-through cutting tasks that will require removing the blade-guard.

Finally, the W1837 has a handy mobile base with built-in kickstand operating functionality. You can even quickly move this tool to your desired location with a gentle push-down on the foot-lever.



02. JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe – Best Overall.

The Jet 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower Table Saw is great for a wide range of applications. Moreover, both DIY-ers and professionals can go for it without experiencing any significant concerns. In the most straightforward words, this table saw is quite easy-to-use and provides operational functionality as long as you know the precise way to do it.

Speaking of the design – one of the most remarkable features this unit possesses – is the size of the table-top. It is spacious enough, yet you won’t have to worry about a shortage of space in your workshop. Though some other models come with adequate space, this unit – The Jet 708675PK – surely takes the win.

Well, the motor of this table saw is great, but not impressive at all. This unit comes with a robust 3 HP motor; but, you can find that in similar other models as well. However, we do not mean to say it’s not trustworthy and efficient.

When it comes to the point of accuracy, the Jet 708675PK deluxe table saw shows nothing but class. The accuracy is remarkably great to be pointed out. You get the option of cutting any wooden material with high precision and no deviations at all.

The base is manufactured from cast iron – an exceptionally durable material. Here, you should remember that the harder the material – the better the stability. Hence, this table saw unit turns out to be quite durable and stable.

Moreover, the safety measure – the modular blade guard – is a sort of great innovation, and that is because it ensures safety for both the beginners and professionals.

So, here goes a thumbs up!



03. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K – Best Table Saw for Beginners.

With the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw, you get a few of the similar features as provided by the expensive models of the same company, yet at a lower price. This unit requires a standard 115 volts which would work with the outlets at any regular workshop whereas other models may not work because of the extra voltage requirement. Hence, you get the standard while paying less!

One of the most important things about this table saw is how comfortably it does fit into your setup – whether your work area or home – without any kind of issue. This unit is entirely compact and well designed at the same time. And, this table saw is well-known for the incredible durability and the level of precision that will undoubtedly take your working quality to the next level.

Besides, this hybrid saw comes with a 50-inch fence that furnishes enough space to work with no problem at all. And, the dust collection maximizes to its full for the presence of a collection hose that provides an unobstructed path; thus, keeping your workspace totally neat and clean.

However, this table saw does not come with all good and has some drawbacks too. There is one little problem that may pop up sometimes (but not all the time). The bolts of the blade guards may sometimes make contact with the blade. And, yes, that is not safe at all. Besides, that’s not good for the blade. This is a rare incident, but it can occur at any moment.



04. Shop Fox W1851 – Best Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw.

The W1851, from the Shop Fox family, is one of the table saw – according to some professional woodworkers. Let’s find out the reason behind this recommendation.

First of all, this hybrid unit table saw has a simple but instinctive layout and, also, is an excellent device for both advanced and new carpenters. This wood-cutting tool runs smoothly with a robust 2.0 HP motor that is designed for both 110 V and 220 V.

So, you get the option of choosing the right Volt according to the layout of your workshop. A great opportunity, right?

The arbor speed of this robust hybrid table saw is 3850 RMP, which make this cutting tool a great performer. If you have a continuous cutting job in your wood workshop, you can pick this cabinet table saw without any question.

To be very honest, a great piece of a wood-cutting device for the experts!

Also, this heavy-duty hybrid saw comes with a belt system (well-designed) that offers smooth cutting operations with little noise (less than the competitors). Besides, the rip fence and miter gauge fence are solid, and you can adjust those easily – even if you are an amateur.

So, the beginners and hobbyist woodworkers can also choose this hybrid table saw for their workshops



05. SawStop CNS175-TGP36 1.75Hp – Best Contractor Table Saw.

Even though the manufacturer claims the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 as a contractor saw instead of the table saw, it accompanies all the extraordinary features that you require for cutting wood. The significant difference between this model and a standard table saw is – this unit comes with an open-base made of heavy-duty metal, yet the base work as a protector for the motor.

Well, this hybrid table saw weighs more than 300 lbs with a powerful motor of 1.75 HP. As this contractor saw is exceptionally large, so it is an ideal choice for a home workshop. While using this table saw, you would experience a high level of measurement-accuracy along with smooth cutting operations. Henceforth, it is the perfect hybrid table saw for the DIY-ers.

The most surprising part is the SawStop technology. And, because of the technology – electric signals through the blades – you will get protection from any table saw INJURIES: an excellent advantage for the beginners. When your skin makes any kind of contact, the signal does change, and the safety system of the table saw instantly activates to keep you safe from any injury.

Additionally, the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 hybrid table saw is completely simple to assemble and finish all the setup procedures. Besides, you can smoothly move the boards along the blade for the 36 inches T–Glide fence system. And, it will also assist you in measuring the perfect cuts without causing any error. Also, you will find a handle in that fence system that you can use to lock the system by pushing down. Here goes a big LIKE for these additional and attractive features!



06. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V – Best Table Saw for Hobbyist.

Unlike the Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw, LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion – a handy hybrid table saw – is not ideal for heavy-duty cutting operations. This unit does, however, come with remarkable benefits and features that make this table saw worth considering, particularly in the event where you are searching for a solution to your workshop.

Thus, for a medium-sized workshop, it would be a great choice!

Surprisingly, you don’t require any wiring modification in your workshop, and that is the best part regarding this table saw. Also, you won’t need to bother about a 220 V line as this unit operates on a 110 V.

Superb, isn’t it?

Additionally, the LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion table saw comes with a 1.75 HP (max) and weighs only 240 lbs. So, you get the option of locating this device at your desired choice of location in your workshop.

Great, right?

Correspondingly, the additional safety-features and the quick-release riving knife make sure that this unit is undoubtedly a sound purchase. Besides, you get the option of changing the blades quickly. So, this could be an excellent value for your money.

Apart from all of these features, the LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion seems to have an exclusive look and will offer you high-quality craftsmanship in the coming years. On the whole, for a casual hobbyist, this hybrid table saw is an ideal option.



07. Grizzly G0690 – Best Cabinet Table Saw for Woodworking.

The Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw performs no less than a beast; yes I’m referring a creature. From beginner to intermediate level, it is an exclusive table saw that comes with performance and quality. At the same time, you can pick this unit for meeting the professional needs. You may have a higher budget; still, you could do everything you need with this beast.

This heavy-duty performer comes with a 3 HP motor, heavy cast iron trunnions, massive wings, and cast-iron table. Besides you will find Camlock T-Fence, high-quality magnetic-switch, heavy-cast handwheels, T-slot miter gauge, riving knife, and dust collection port (4-inch). All in one, this is truly a premium class hybrid table saw that could be the central point of attraction for any workshop.

Furthermore, the Grizzly G0690 is CSA certified and, at the same time, meets all the UL 987 standards. And, we all know that these two are the standard arbiters for hybrid table saws in case of quality.

The Camlock T-fence – another critical aspect of this hybrid table saw – comes with the HDPE face. And, there is a blade-guard with the riving knife. Besides, this machine has a quick-release feature that works for motor guard riving knife and splitter assembly. You would become happy to know these work for ensuring safety at the time of working with this cabinet table saw.

Finally, you will find this hybrid table saw very easy for the installation job. Even if you are an amateur, you will experience no problem at all. In short, you will fall in love with this device.



Buying Guide: Things to Consider When You are Buying a Best Hybrid Table Saws Reviews :

A hybrid table saw wins over a contractor saw, or a cabinet saw as it possesses the best features of both. When you own a hybrid table saw, you can grab double benefits for little investment. Hence, going with the hybrid table saw makes the scenario cost-effective – by properly using a table saw, you receive more value for the money you spend.

To be honest, your investment can only be the right one: when you can pick the  table saw for your workshop. On the contrary, your investment may go wrong if you fail to purchase the right kind of device for meeting your needs and requirements.

Hence, the question – how to choose the hybrid table saw – is definitely knocking your mind right now. Well, don’t be upset as we have the perfect solution for you.

Here is our buying guide regarding top rated hybrid table saws in 2020 to help you become a gainer for your investment. This guide will aid you to know the factors you must consider most while making your purchasing decision.

Before wasting a single more second, let’s get started with our comprehensive buying guide.


Most of the hybrid table saws, available in the market, come with motors having power output ranging from 1.5 HP to 1.75 HP. And, yes, this range is enough for a handyman or home woodworker. But, anything more is absolutely a bonus. Also, you should check the power outlet – choose a 110 Bolt or a 220 Volt – depending on your workshop set-up.


Most of the people commit this mistake: buy a hybrid saw without even considering the size of the workshop. It will be better for you to pick the table saw unit that best suits to your workshop; otherwise you will face problems in placing your newly bought table saw at the right place in your workshop.

Cutting Accuracy and Smoothness:

We all know the fact that cutting wood accurately and smoothly is the prime objective of purchasing a hybrid table saw. The blade quality allows the device to cut wooden material without causing any sort of trouble. At the same time, the instrument must be capable of making beveled cuts, rip cuts, and crosscuts with a higher level of precision and accuracy.

To avail such purposes, make sure the fence and the miter gauge is accurate; otherwise, you would be the ultimate sufferer. If the built-in miter gauge doesn’t show the needed precision level, you should change that without making any delay.

Flat Table:

A flat table is another vital factor that is responsible for high precision and accuracy. In this case, you should have your focus on that particular area, which is closed to the blade. Don’t miss this point, or else you will fail to get cutting accuracy.

Safety Measures:

Any kind of table saw, by the very nature, is inherently dangerous. And, for that reason, safety will always be one of the most vital factors you must consider while selecting the right hybrid saw. Most of the saws come with a riving knife – a way to avoid kickbacks. However, you should also check other must-have safety measures, for instance, blade guards.

Flash Sensor:

When you are busy performing your cutting job, a flash sensor can ensure safety from the kickbacks. This particular kind of sensor can cause immediate shut-down to the motor within only 0.01 seconds. Hence, you get a great advantage when your hybrid table saw accompanies this flash-sensor technology.

Adjustment Options:

An easy way of adjusting the blade-alignment is certainly a welcome feature. You must remember that easily adjustable blades ensure smooth and accurate cuts; thus, resulting in a better quality of your work. Also, the height of the blade, bevel, and the fence positioning should come with the easy-to-adjust option so that you can comfortably work with your hybrid table saw.

Additionally, the machine’s parts should be easy-to-lubricate and, of course, there shouldn’t be any event of friction while you adjust different parts. A beginner level carpenter should be able to make adjustments without experiencing any issues.

Drive Belt:

Another crucial factor you must consider is the drive belt’s design. As this drive belt is mostly responsible for the vibrating and shaking motion while operating a hybrid table saw, so you should look for the type of drive belt design that can reduce excessive motion.

A pro tip, in this case, would be – preferring the Poly-V belts to the ordinary V-belts. This will minimize vibrations to a great extent.

Dust Collection:

The dust collection system is one of the most important factors that you must keep in mind to focus on. Make sure the dust collection port is a minimum of 4 inches – this will be a great advantage for you. And, search for the hybrid table saw that has an easy-vacuuming system for the dust.

Remember that you will risk your health and workshop’s cleanup issues without a proper dust collection system.

Overall Design:

For consistency-in-use and excellent longevity, it is really essential that your hybrid table saw should have sturdy construction with high-quality materials. In this case, metal parts are way better than plastic ones. And, for a hybrid table saw the ideal choice would be cast-iron. Though cast-iron is more massive than aluminum or steel, it will ensure longevity.

Therefore, focus on the build materials of the hybrid table saw to be a winner.

Benefits from Hybrid Table Saw that You Should Know:

By this time, you have already come to know that a hybrid table saw can meet the requirements offered by a contractor saw or a cabinet saw. Also, a hybrid saw saves your pocket as it fits within your budget, whereas a cabinet saw is somewhat expensive.

Before you purchase any hybrid table saw, let’s discuss some of the significant benefits of a hybrid table saw. It will assist you in knowing the reasons behind which you should pick a hybrid table saw.

Let’s get started now!

In short, a hybrid table comes with numerous features and benefits and meets your needs of both a cabinet saw and the contractor saw. For you, it will be possible to avail such benefits only when you can pick the  hybrid table saws.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hybrid Table Saws:

01. What is a hybrid table saw?

Answer: A hybrid table saw offers the best features of both cabinet saws and portable contractor saws.

02. Is it possible to use an extension cord with a hybrid table saw?

Answer: Yes, you can use an extension cord.

However, you need to ensure that the extension cord you are going to use is in good condition. Also, check the quality of that extension cord – should be of quality and capable enough of handling the amperage of your table saw.

Remember that a wrong extension cord may cause damages to the motor. So, better check the manual guide first and then, go for an extension cord.

From our experience, we recommend using the extension cord as short as possible.

03. What type of electrical-circuit is ideal for a table saw?

Answer: In this case, always go for a dedicated electrical-circuit for your hybrid table saw. From our experiment, we have found out that most of the table saws use a #14 or #12 copper wire circuit with a 20- amp or 15-amp time-delay fuse.

Being on the safe side, read the user guidelines for more information as it may differ for various table saw brands.

04. Why does the motor of my table saw slow down sometimes?

Answer: A fundamental question, indeed.

Well, maybe the following reasons are the cause of slow down of your hybrid table saw motor

  • Using a wrong extension-cord may slow down the motor for not providing the required amount of power.
  • Gum residue may bind up the table saw blade and consequently, decreases the usual speed of the motor.
  • Also, a dull-blade can cause the same effect on the motor.
  • The electrical-circuit setup of your workshop is another possible reason for this scenario.
  • A defective motor is another reason for not performing with the usual speed.

05. Why do the overloads make continuous-tripping on my hybrid table saw?

Answer: Great question. Well, this mainly happens when the table saw blade binds up or the electrical-circuit is not dedicated enough.

From our experience, if this situation occurs, immediately change the blade of your table saw. And, make inspections for the alignments of the cutting components regularly.

06. Do I need to use the table saw stand?

Answer: Not necessarily. You just need to mount your table saw at any stable surface in your workshop.

But, there should be a minimum of 11 inches square opening under the saw so that it can allow saw-dust to go through the path. Remember that saw-dust can cause damage to your table saw motor it finds no way to go through.

07. Can I use the dado blades with the table saw I am using?

Answer: We would say ‘YES’ but, it depends on the type of table saw you are using. It is better to check whether the user manual allows the dado blades. If the signal is positive, install a dado-table and insert I while using the dado blades.

08. Does my table saw motor need additional lubrication?

Answer: No – from our point of view. And, that is because most of the hybrid table saw motors come with permanent lubrication. Besides, motor bearings are usually sealed. Thus, no additional lubrication is necessary.

Final Verdict:

So, you have already learned a lot from our comprehensive review. At this point, you may be thinking of what we would recommend as the  hybrid table saw.

Yes, it is time to reveal the expert opinion.

Our top pick would be Shop Fox W1837 10″ Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw – the beast. If you are looking for a heavy-duty performer, Shop Fox W1837 hybrid table saw would be the right choice for you – perfect for a professional woodworker.

However, if you are a novice, we would recommend you to go with “Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence”. It would be the best choice for a beginner level carpenter or a hobbyist.

Lastly, considering the safety measures, the ultimate hybrid table saw we would like to recommend – SawStop CNS175-TGP36. And, this is because the safety technology this table saw unit offers.

We believe that our detailed and thorough research would help you buy the best hybrid table saw according to your needs and requirements.

What’s left? Pick the right hybrid table saw, and make your dream come true.

Good Luck!

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